The Backseat

Illustration of a car backseat with a coloring book, juice box, child backpack, and toys on it

Explore the Virtual Voyage with activities made just for you. Download our activity pack below to learn more about the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Kenya!

From the Kyrgyz Republic

From the Kyrgyz Republic

Көп жаша! means Live Long!

Staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is important around the world.

These illustrations were created in the Kyrgyz Republic to help share important information about how to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These messages are important for people in the United States too!

Can you tell what each illustration is about? Double click the buttons to check your answer!

an illustration of a woman helping an older person with a cane put on a mask

Wear a mask

an illustration of two phones, one containing a young woman in traditional Kyrgyz clothes and the other a young man in Kyrgyz clothes. They are chatting.

Stay connected to family and friends

A young man in traditional Kyrgyz clothes feeds and pets a white cat. His computer is in the background.

Take a break from screens

From Tajikistan

From Tajikistan

Dreaming of a better future

Seeno dreams of becoming a famous illustrator.

What do you dream of becoming? Use our coloring page with Seeno to draw your dream!

From Pakistan

From Pakistan

Learning Across the World

We believe all children, no matter where they live, deserve a world-class education.

In Pakistan, the Aga Khan Foundation works with teachers, caregivers, and schools to make that possible.
Check out some pictures of classrooms from our Schools Improvement Programme. (They were taken before COVID-19, so you won’t see masks.)

How do these classrooms look like your classroom? How are they different?

What do you think the students are learning? How can you tell?

photos by Christopher Wilton-Steer/AKDN

From Kenya

From Kenya

Night-Time Tales:
Share it Fair

What’s growing on Mama K’s farm?

Watch Share it Fair on Night-Time Tales to find out! AKF helped make Night-time Tales to encourage kids in Kenya to love reading.

You can also read Share it Fair to your family, or have them read to you.

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